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2017 Smithville School Board Candidate Forum

TheNorthlandNews.com stopped by the 2017 Smithville School Board Candidate Forum tonight. Complete video of the forum is posted below.

Candidates attending the forum were Denney Fales, Russell Fries, Greg Chastain, Wade Kiefer, Earl Soetaert, and Michael Till, II. Questions for the forum were drawn from attendees.

Candidate Introductions:

Candidates were asked about what they thought the district could do to aid in economic development in Smithville.

The candidates were asked what role they felt the Federal government should play in education. We had some issues with the camera and missed a few seconds of Michael Till, II’s response to the question. We apologize for the issue.

Question 3 concerned the 5-10 year vision the candidates had for the district.

The candidates were then asked about teachers having the right to conceal carry in the classroom.

Candidates were asked their opinions on school vouchers.

Closing statements:

The host of the debate mentions that Smithville Board of Alderman candidates were given some time to introduce themselves at the end of the meeting. We have video of this and will publish on a separate post.

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