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North Kansas City City Council Recap 8/3/2016

Thanks to North Kansas City Business Council Executive Director Rich Groves for this recap.

Special City Council Open Work Session meeting at 6:00 p.m.

The purpose of this Special Open Work Session was to allow Fire Chief Gary Fisher, with the help of Police Chief Steve Beamer, to describe the reasons for a recommendation to utilize the Kansas City Fire Department’s dispatch system. The reasons for a proposed change are to utilize the existing KCFD system: 1) to handle Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and Dedicated Fire Dispatch (DFD) situations in a way that North Kansas City would be unable to do and 2) without adding 4 more people at a cost of approximately $250 thousand a year.

North Kansas City’s dispatch center schedules two people per shift, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but due to vacations, illness, bathroom breaks or other situations sometimes there is only one dispatcher on duty at the dispatch desk. In case of a life-threatening emergency, or multiple incidents in a short time frame, it would be impossible for one person to provide the dedicated service that either EMD or DFD require.

The cost to utilize the KCFD dispatch system will be approximately $140 thousand the first year and then $40 thousand in subsequent years. Acquiring and installing the necessary equipment accounts for $100 thousand the first year.

There was general consensus by City Council members for City staff to proceed to negotiate a contract with the KCFD to be presented at a future City Council meeting for approval.

Regular City Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Agenda Topics

Sutherland Building Demolition

In order to complete the infrastructure preparation for the ARRA (Armour Road Redevelopment Area) it is necessary to do remediation work on some of the land near Railroad Ave and some of the land under the current Sutherland’s building. The cost of the remediation will be paid by other parties, not the City of North Kansas City.

However, it was necessary for the City of North Kansas City to terminate the lease with Sutherlands and proceed to tear down the buildings Sutherlands has been leasing from the City. This agenda item was to approve the contract for Double D Demolition to tear down the building. Sutherlands recently had a going out of business (“lost our lease”) sale and has ceased operations in North Kansas City.

Burger King Property Swap

As another part of moving forward with the ARRA the owners of the Burger King restaurant have agreed to exchange properties with the City, moving to the extreme east end of the ARRA near Railroad Ave and a “new” Vernon Street south of MO 210. This will enable progress to begin on the easement on the west side of the current Burger King to create the necessary roadway entrance to the ARRA from MO 210. When remediation has been completed (previous agenda item) Burger King will be able to build a new facility and totally vacate the current building.

Exemption for Drive-Thru Business in the ARRA

In a matter related to the previous agenda item, the new Burger King will be permitted to have drive-thru lanes, even though that will still be unacceptable for the remaining part of the ARRA. Drive-thru business accounts for approximately 70% of Burger King’s revenue.

Vernon Street Water Main Relocation

The 2016 budget included relocating the water main from along the west side of Vernon near North Kansas City Hospital to the east side of Vernon. However, this relocation requires cooperation with the North Kansas City Levee District to have access to the necessary property to complete the project. The Levee District board has already approved. Approved by the City Council.

Staff Comments

YMCA Financial Results

City Administrator Eric Berlin shared highlights from the most recent year-to-date financial report from the North Kansas City YMCA. Through six months the North Kansas City YMCA is operating with a slight surplus vs a budgeted deficit of approximately $250 thousand.

August Work Sessions

There will be a Work Session on August 16 to review progress on two major projects: Burlington Corridor Streetscape Design and Downtown Streetscape.

There will be a Work Session on August 23 to review progress by Confluence with Gateway Signage.

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