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A New Year For Gladstone Rotary Club

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Guest Post, Jason Shore, President Gladstone Rotary Club

In early June, members of the Gladstone Rotary Club met for a strategic visioning meeting. The goal of this meeting was to set up a long-range plan for the next 3-5 years for our club. As President this year, it’s my goal to accomplish (a few) of our top priorities that align with our long-range plan.

This Rotary year, which runs July to June, our club will focus on three main areas:

1) Strengthen Community and Club Service

As President, I would like to further strengthen our relationship with the City of Gladstone so we can to collaborate on potential future projects. Today, we work together with the city to provide concessions for Gladstone Theatre in the Park, a fundraising project that our members truly enjoy being a part of.

As a club, we’re also looking at some exciting new fundraising opportunities that would also engage the greater Gladstone community and help showcase what Rotary is all about.

2) Increase Membership and Engagement

The nearly 50 Gladstone-area neighbors and community leaders who make up our club, share a passion for making a real difference in our community and across the world. By year 2020, our goal is to reach 61 members within our club. Increasing our membership allows us to do even more good work!

I’m also committed to making Rotary a more valuable part of our member’s social life. Our Family of Rotary Committee, chaired by Travis McKee, is focused on adding more happy hour events and evening community service projects where we invite family and friends to share in the fellowship of Rotary. We like to serve our community, and have some fun while doing so!

Our club also sponsors an Interact Club (Rotary for High School) at Staley. The next generation of Rotary is an important focus for us, and we continue to build up membership, interaction and engagement with students in our Interact Club.

3) Establish a High-Profile Public Image in the Community

It’s often said within Rotary circles that ‘Rotary is the best kept secret’. We do many good things across our community and the world, but we aren’t the best at telling our story.

Our club makes a positive impact with the funds that we raise, in which we give approximately $25,000 annually to local, national and international charities, as well as not-for-profit groups. My goal this year is to help share the great story of Rotary and better educate our community about the work Rotary does.

It’s an exciting time to be a Rotarian—there is so much to be done! Our members are excited to create positive, lasting change in Gladstone and around the world. To learn more about the Rotary Club of Gladstone, please visit us at gladstonerotary.org.

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