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Auditor Galloway issues compilation of law enforcement federal forfeiture reports

Missouri law enforcement agencies reported receiving $12 million in federal forfeited funds

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released her office’s compilation of 2015 federal forfeiture reports earlier in June. Law enforcement agencies that participate in a federal asset forfeiture program must file an annual report with both the Department of Public Safety and the State Auditor’s Office.

Law enforcement agencies can seize money and property from individuals and organizations involved in illegal activities. State and local law enforcement agencies that participate in federal investigations resulting in forfeitures may request a portion of the funds recovered through the program.

In 2015, 687 Missouri law enforcement agencies were identified as being potential participants in the federal program. Of these agencies, 155 filed reports indicating they participated and reported receipts of $12,144,465. An additional 262 agencies submitted reports indicating they did not participate. The remaining 270 agencies did not file a report, although they were not required to file if they did not participate in the program.

Missouri law requires a federal forfeiture report for any law enforcement agency involved in using a federal asset forfeiture program. A list of the reporting agencies with amounts reported is included in the complete report.

In February, Auditor Galloway released a compilation report on property seized by law enforcement officials as reported under Missouri’s Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.

A copy of today’s compilation report on funds received by law enforcement agencies through federal forfeiture programs is available online here.

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