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August Events at Smithville Mid-Continent Library

August 6, 2016, Saturday at 10:00 AM

From Soccer to Circus to Reading

Learn how juggling and reading are very much alike from International Jugglers Association Team Champion Brian Wendling while he juggles, spins, balances, and amazes everyone in the room.

(Ages 3 and up) Registration is required.

August 18, 2016, Thursday at 6:30 PM

Beginning Word

Learn how to create, save, and print a document using Microsoft Word®.

(For adults) Registration is required.


August 22, 2016, Monday at 6:30 PM

Shakespeare Off the Cuff

Some of the best acting isn’t scripted. Explore the art of improvisation in a fun and creative workshop presented by Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. Join in improvisation exercises designed to help with creativity, awareness, and “thinking on your feet.”

(For teens) Registration is required.

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