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Best in State Journalism Winners Named at All Four North Kansas City High Schools

All four North Kansas City Schools high schools performed well in the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association’s State Journalism Contest on Wednesday, April 6, at Jesse Auditorium on the University of Missouri at Columbia campus. Awards were given on four levels; at the top was All-Missouri, Superior, Excellent and Honorable Mention. Some on-site and timed contests ranked awards First, Second and Third.

Overall publications earned:

North Kansas City High School

  • The Purgold yearbook 2015, All-Missouri
  • NTV News, Excellent
  • The Hornet’s Buzz, Honorable Mention

Oak Park High School

  • NorthmenNews.com, All-Missouri
  • The Axe, Broadcast – Announcement Show, Superior
  • Cambia yearbook 2015, Superior
  • The Northmen’s Log newsmagazine, Superior
  • The Axe, Broadcast – Announcements with Video Show, Excellent

Staley High School

  • Legacy yearbook 2015, All-Missouri
  • STTV Bird’s Eye View, Newsmagazine Show, All-Missouri
  • StaleyNews.com, Superior
  • Talon Magazine, Superior
  • STTV News, Superior

Winnetonka High School

  • The Griffin Rites, All-Missouri
  • TonkaNews.com, All-Missouri
  • Tonka Talks, Broadcast, Superior
  • Odyssey yearbook 2015, Honorable Mention

Individual students earned:

North Kansas City High School The Hornet’s Buzz newsmagazine

  • Senior Rebecca Hild, All-Missouri, Newspaper/Newsmagazine: Page Design
  • Sophomore Melissa Winkle, Superior, Photography: Photo Essay or Story
  • Sophomore Emily Rooks and senior Hassan Nureini, Excellent, Newspaper/Newsmagazine: Feature Writing
  • Senior Raymond Featherston, Honorable Mention, Newspaper/Newsmagazine: Editorial
  • Sophomore Isaiah Valdivia, Honorable Mention, Newspaper/Newsmagazine: Page Design

North Kansas City High School The Purgold yearbook

  • Senior Zoey Bock, All-Missouri, Photography: Personality/Portrait
  • Junior Emma Perry, All-Missouri, Yearbook: Student Life Reporting
  • Senior Sophia Torres, Superior, Photography: Personality/Portrait
  • Senior Michela Caravella, Superior, Photography: Student Life/Organization Photo
  • Junior Mariah Thompson, Superior, Yearbook: Student Life Reporting
  • Bock and senior Aubrie Evans, Superior, Yearbook: Overall Theme Concept
  • Caravella, Excellent, Yearbook: Reference Page Design
  • Caravella, Excellent, Yearbook: Sports Page Design
  • Junior Gabby Campbell, Excellent, Yearbook: Sports Page Design
  • Junior Baylee Buechel, Honorable Mention, Photography: Sports Feature Photo
  • Junior Isabella Martinez, Honorable Mention, Photography: Student Life/Organization Photo
  • Perry, sophomores Brittney Sweet and Hunter Sanders, Honorable Mention, Yearbook: Best Overall Coverage
  • Campbell, juniors Tierney Stuart and Paula Reyes, Honorable Mention, Yearbook: Reference Page Design
  • Campbell, Honorable Mention, Photography: Academic Photo
  • Caravella and Campbell, MIPA Yearbook Challenge, Third Place

North Kansas City High School NTV broadcast

  • Senior Andrea Gordon, Excellent, Broadcast: Mini-Documentary
  • Gordon, Excellent, Broadcast: News Story – Short Form
  • Gordon, Honorable Mention, Broadcast: Human Interest Feature Story – Long Form
  • Gordon, Honorable Mention, Broadcast: News Story – Long Form
  • Sophomore Miguel Rodriguez, Gordon and junior Scotty Sharp, Honorable Mention, Broadcast: Commercial

Oak Park High School The Northmen’s Log newsmagazine

  • Senior Natalie Egbert, Excellent, Photo Essay or Story
  • Senior Allyson Laytham, Superior, News Photo
  • Senior Nathaniel Roppa, Excellent, Page Design
  • Russell, All-Missouri, Photo Illustration
  • Russell, Superior, News Story
  • Russell, Superior, Page Design
  • Seniors Russell, Mabrey Wathen and Egbert and junior Bailee Treat, All-Missouri, Diversity Awareness coverage
  • Russell and Wathen, Honorable Mention, Sports Writing
  • Junior Remy Tran, Superior, Page Design
  • Wathen, Superior, Infographic
  • Wathen, Honorable Mention, Cell/Smart Phone Photo

Oak Park High School Cambia yearbook

  • Sophomore Shereen AlSaoudi and senior Sandy Lopez, Excellent, Sports Design
  • Junior Paige Borgeson and sophomore Tessa Rube, Honorable Mention, Organizations Design
  • Senior Stephanie Brocato, Superior, Sports Design
  • Brocato, Honorable Mention, Student Life/Organization Photo
  • Brocato, Honorable Mention, Student Life/Organization Photo
  • Brocato and Lopez and sophomore Sarah Horseman, Superior, Diversity Awareness coverage
  • Sophomore Kalani Earls, Honorable Mention, Academic Design
  • Horseman, Superior, Student Life Design
  • Senior Brianna Kruse, Honorable Mention, Sports Design
  • Kruse, Honorable Mention, Student Life Design
  • Lopez, Excellent, Sports Action Photography
  • Lopez, Honorable Mention, Sports Design
  • Senior Maddison Wisecarver, Excellent, Sports Design
  • Sophomore XoeAnne Zuber, Excellent, Organizations Design

Oak Park High School The AXE broadcast

  • Senior Jordyn Bensyl, All-Missouri, News Story-Short Form
  • Bensyl, Honorable Mention, Sports News Story
  • Bensyl and senior Taylor Dorrel, Superior, Mini-Documentary
  • Junior Madeline Caton and Russell, Superior, Sports Highlights
  • Dorrel and Russell, Honorable Mention, News Story-Long Form
  • Dorrel and junior Allee Armitage, Honorable Mention, Sports News Story
  • Seniors Allyson Laytham and Taylor Terrell, All-Missouri, Human Interest Feature
  • Seniors Mackenzie Nelson and Katelin Watkins, Excellent, Human Interest Feature
  • Russell, Honorable Mention, Human Interest Feature

Oak Park High School NorthmenNews.com website

  • NorthmenNews.com staff, All-Missouri, Social Media Reporting on Twitter
  • Armitage, Superior, Column Writing
  • Sophomore Jacob Bartz, Honorable Mention, Blog
  • Bensyl and Brocato, Excellent, Breaking News Package
  • Russell, Superior, Breaking News Package
  • Russell, Superior, Column Writing
  • Senior Landon Patterson, Excellent, Column Writing

Staley High School Talon newsmagazine

  • Senior Abbi Atwell, First Place, News Writing
  • Atwell, sophomores Amber Lewis and Christopher Spry, Third Place, Journalism Challenge
  • Senior Madison Lott, sophomores Kelsey Bennett and Maddy Benda, All Missouri Photo Essay
  • Lewis, All Missouri, Art/Infographic
  • Senior Kyndall Truelove, Superior, Photo Essay
  • Sophomore Emilie Kerr, Superior, Sports Action Photo
  • Junior Alayna Lopez, Superior, Page Design
  • Junior Lane Burch, Excellent, Photography Personality Portrait
  • Burch, Excellent, Column Writing
  • Spry, Excellent, Column Writing
  • Benda, Excellent, Page Design
  • Junior Alayna Lopez, Excellent, Photography News Photo
  • Sophomore Emilie Kerr, Honorable Mention, Column Writing
  • Burch, Honorable Mention, Feature Writing
  • Atwell and Lopez, Honorable Mention, Feature Writing
  • Sophomore Rita Sargent, Honorable Mention, Photography Academic Photo

Staley High School Legacy yearbook

  • Seniors Kyndall Truelove and Madison Lott, junior Lindsey Norby, sophomore Caroline Bonacorso, First Place, Yearbook Journalism Challenge
  • Sophomore Trudy Swegle, All Missouri, Photography Student Life
  • Sophomore Kelsey Bennett, All Missouri, Photography, Sports  Action Photo
  • Bonacorso, All Missouri, Photography Academic Photo
  • Bennett, All Missouri, Photography, Sports Feature Photo
  • Senior Rileigh Bates, All Missouri, Infographic Design
  • Truelove and senior Bryttany Holovach, Superior, Best Overall Coverage, Softball
  • Junior Mason Hanson, Superior, Student Life Design, Royals
  • Senior Monica Aguila, Excellent, Sports Design, Football
  • Aguila, Excellent, Sports Design, Volleyball
  • Swegle and Bennett, Excellent, Infographic Design
  • Freshman Haley Anne Mahusay, Excellent, Diversity Awareness
  • Junior Lindsey Norby, Honorable Mention, Student Life Photography
  • Junior Raechel Tittor and Swegle, Honorable Mention Best Overall Coverage “The Wiz”
  • Bates, Honorable Mention, Student Life Photography

Staley High School STTV broadcast

  • Juniors Adam Freese and Taya Brown, Superior, Human Interest Feature Story
  • Freshmen Devin Judin and Nick Ridpath, Superior, PSA
  • Seniors Beau Baker, Maddie Lott, Raymon Aquino and Mo Whiles, Superior, Sports News Story
  • Seniors Ward Mershon and Hannah Palmeter and sophomore Michael Logerwell, Excellent, Sports Highlights
  • Senior Kassandra Emme, Excellent, News Story-Short Form
  • Emme and junior Cindy Ngo, Honorable Mention, News Story-Long Form
  • Seniors Maddie Burtis and Derek Johnson, Honorable Mention, PSA
  • Junior Sophie Davies and sophomores Carissa Occhipinto and Mariah Edde, Honorable Mention, Human Interest Feature Story-Short Form

Staley High School StaleyNews.com online

  • Sophomore Emilie Kerr, All Missouri, Column
  • Junior Lane Burch, Superior, Column
  • Senior Abbi Atwell, Honorable Mention, Sports Package
  • Sophomore Maddy Benda, Honorable Mention, Feature Package
  • Benda, Honorable Mention, Sports Feature Photo

Winnetonka High School Griffin Rites newspaper

  • Junior Rachel Adamson, All-Missouri,  Photography:  Student Life
  • Adamson, Honorable Mention, Infographic
  • Juniors Amy Chavarin and Kaitlyn Minet, Honorable Mention, Feature Writing
  • Senior Emily Elliott, Excellent, Sports Writing
  • Junior Alyssa Magrone, Honorable Mention, Column
  • Senior Amber Murray, Excellent, Photography:  Personality/Portrait
  • Murray, Honorable Mention, Diversity Awareness
  • Senior Emily Noyes, Second Place Write Off Competition, Feature Writing
  • Senior Mallery Zion, Third Place Write Off Competition, News Writing

Winnetonka High School Odyssey yearbook

  • Senior Brooke Glaszczak, All-Missouri, Sports Writing
  • Senior Autum Ladehoff, Superior, Organizations Writing
  • Junior Riley Davison, Excellent, Academic Design
  • Glaszczak, Excellent, Student Life Reporting
  • Junior Sally Dishman, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo
  • Senior Vanessa Garciga, Honorable Mention, Student Life Reporting
  • Glaszczak, Honorable Mention, Student Life Reporting
  • Junior Ruweida Kulane, Honorable Mention, Organizations Design
  • Ladehoff, Honorable Mention, Sports Writing

Winnetonka High School Tonka Talks broadcast

  • Junior Lejla Skender, All-Missouri, Broadcast News Story Short Form
  • Skender, seniors Katie Anzalone and Quincey Williamson, Excellent, Broadcast Diversity Awareness
  • Anzalone and Williamson, Excellent, Broadcast Human Interest Feature Story Short Form
  • Juniors Zoe Goss and Gracie Taylor, Honorable Mention, Broadcast Human Interest Feature Story Short Form
  • Seniors Paige Hale, Robin Volz and Chandler Cohalla-Rich, Honorable Mention, Broadcast Human Interest Feature Story Short Form
  • Senior Kiera Hall and Volz, Honorable Mention, Broadcast Human Interest Feature Story Short Form

Winnetonka High School www.TonkaNews.com website

  • Adamson, Excellent, Breaking News Package
  • Adamson and Magrone, Honorable Mention, Breaking News Package
  • Junior Jocelin Egeland, Superior, Column Writing
  • Magrone and The Griffin Rites staff, Excellent, Editorial
  • Magrone, Honorable Mention, Cartoon
  • Senior Savannah Moore and The Griffin Rites staff, Superior, Editorial
  • Moore, Excellent, Column Writing
  • Murray, Second Place Write-Off Competition, Online Writing

N2 Sports – Northland Network

  • Oak Park junior TeVon Taylor, Staley seniors Ward Mershon and Jared Vawter, North Kansas City junior Michael Schaefer, Winnetonka junior Westly Bertha, Oak Park sophomore Nathan Porter and Staley freshman Alyssa Bannister, All-Missouri for Coverage of a Sports Event
  • Taylor, Oak Park senior Thomas Kranz, Vawter, Mershon, Winnetonka seniors Dalton Dibbenand Micah Young, Winnetonka junior Gracie Taylor and Bertha, Excellent, Coverage of a Sports Event
  • Taylor, Kranz, Bertha, Vawter, Schaefer, North Kansas City seniors Tyler Rickerson and Kayion Reed and Staley senior Kassie Emme, Excellent, Coverage of a Sports Event
  • Taylor, Mershon, Vawter, Schaefer, Bertha, Porter and Bannister, Excellent, Coverage of a Sports Event

J-Day, an annual Missouri Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) event, brought in more than 1,500 high school journalism students and their advisers. According to MIPA, it was the largest J-Day in the nearly 50-year history of the event. During the day, students listened to the keynote panel event, attended four class sessions taught by MU professors and professionals in the media field, and toured the MU campus and professional media outlets. A panel of Columbia photojournalists and MU professors presented the keynote, “Beyond the Protest: Looking for Meaning When Campus Erupts” about recent protests on the Mizzou campus.

After the presentations and breakout sessions, high school participants who entered in the MIPA Journalism Day contests found out if they received awards in broadcast, online, radio/podcast, newspaper/newsmagazine, yearbook and photography categories.

In addition to the students who earned recognition, Cherié Burgett, Staley High School journalism teacher, was recognized as the MIPA Journalism Teacher of the Year. She was given a plaque and a cash prize on stage at the awards ceremony. She also gave a short acceptance speech, thanking her family, students, co-workers and administrators for their support.

In her ninth year as a journalism educator, Burgett advises the award-winning print and online journalism programs at Staley. She advises the Legacy yearbook, Talon newsmagazine and StaleyNews.com online publications. In addition, she teaches the Journalism 1 and Journalism 1 Photography intro courses. Prior to enrollment growing too large for just one journalism teacher, she also taught Journalism 1 Broadcast and advised the STTV broadcast program for several years.

In the judge’s comments about why she chose Burgett for this honor, she wrote, “Her passion and dedication — for her students and journalism, equally — practically leaped from every page of her application. In addition to her heavy class load, it is obvious this compassionate educator dedicates an inordinate amount of time mentoring students and providing a solid foundation for their future as journalists, if that is their choice, or simply being informed citizens in an increasingly global village. I was impressed by her quest to educate herself along with her students. Ms. Burgett is helping her students grow into the next phase of journalism by broadening into social media and looking ahead to a digital future. The products were all top-notch, but the truly incredible, over-the-top amazing publication was the yearbook. The page design was beyond compare.”

Oak Park journalism teacher Christina Geabhart was elected as President of MIPA and will head the MIPA Board of Directors for the next two years. Geabhart previously served as the Kansas City Representative on the Board of Directors.

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