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Clay County #Mindset

#ClayCoMindset: Black Friday?

Time for another #ClayCoMindset. This is where Clay County comes to talk. Sometimes they’re for fun, and sometimes a little serious. Suggest a topic by commenting below, or contacting us through the story idea contact form on the sidebar of the page. It’s coming! The day some love and a …

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#ClayCoMINDSET: North Kansas City Schools Vice-President Encourages Reflection on the Role of Technology. What do you think?

Warning, this #ClayCoMindset may require a bit of a time investment. If you’ve never seen our #ClayCoMindset before, this is the chance to express your opinions on an important (or sometimes completely unimportant) topic. Dr. Eric Sipes, Sean Nash, and Rochel Daniels appeared before the North Kansas City School Board …

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#ClayCoMindset #ExploreNKC Asks You to Name Your Favorite Food Related Business in North Kansas City


We told you recently about the #ExploreNKC social media campaign that was launched by the North Kansas City Business Council. We know our readers love food (frankly, who doesn’t?), so we thought we’d have a little fun and see what your favorite food related business in North Kansas City is. …

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Clay County Missouri Mindset #ClayCoMindset #NeverForget

We took on a fun lighthearted #ClayCoMindset last time we did this by asking you what your favorite Northland winery is. We’re going to ask a little tougher question with today’s #ClayCoMindset today. Two options to respond to: Many across the country proudly displayed the phrase We Will Never Forget …

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#ClayCoMindset: What’s Your Favorite Northland Winery?

It has been a while since we ran a Clay County Missouri Mindset. We recently came across this article from VisitMo.com: Famous Missouri Foods Paired Perfectly With Local Wines The wine industry continues to see impressive growth in the United States. According to the Silicon Valley Bank Annual State of …

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Clay County #ClayCoMINDSET: What do you think about the Kansas City minimum wage increase?

The Kansas City City Council recently passed a gradual increase to the minimum wage for businesses inside of the Kansas City city limits. We were wondering what you thought about it. For it? Against it? Don’t think it’s something government should do? Why? What do you think is going to …

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Clay County MINDSET: The #4thofJuly #ClayCoMINDSET

  The Fourth of July is two days away. For today’s Clay County Mindset we were wondering what you were thinking? Your response can be as simple as how does your family celebrate the day or as complex as musings on the state of our country. What are you thinking …

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Clay County MINDSET: #SCOTUS Issues 5-4 Decision on Gay Marriage #ClayCoMINDSET

Unless you live under a rock, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision last Friday forcing all 50 states in the union to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. The Northland News spoke with Recorder of Deeds Katee Porter about the changes that will happen here in Clay County. In …

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