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CLAY COUNTY MINDSET: Yum! Food? What is the best restaurant in Clay County, Missouri? #ClayCOMindset

KCUR recently discussed the Northland for their question of the week and had a post on the favorite restaurants of the entire Northland. Here’s the massive list they came up with (scroll down for our question): Cafe des Amis Stone Canyon Pizza Avalon Cafe ’37 Steak  Hayes Hamburger & Chili  …

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CLAY COUNTY MINDSET: Governor Bobby Jindal is in and The Republican Presidential Pool Just Got More Crowded #ClayCoMindset

It’s official! There’s another Republican Candidate for President for 2016. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced today that he’ll be running. What do you think Clay County? Is the Republican field too full? Does the total amount of candidates have the potential of creating a surprise once the primary process is …

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CLAY COUNTY MINDSET: Kansas City City Council #ClayCoMindset

Clay County Mindset

This is something we’re going to start doing on the site on a regular basis. The goal is simply to encourage you to interact about a current local or national topic. We’d encourage you to check out our commenting policy before you comment just so you know the ground rules. …

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