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Clay County Sheriff

Concerns About Sheriff Funding Discussed at County Commission Meeting

True-Up for 2017 Budget Requires Over $500K from County Rainy Day Fund to Be Shifted to Sheriff’s Office Budget Every calendar year the County Commission approves a budget ordinance that is called a “true-up”. The goal of the ordinance is to reconcile the projected budget versus the carryover amount from …

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Clay County Sheriff’s Salaries to Increase

The requests will need to be made no more. Captain Steve Siercks of the Clay County Sheriff’s Department appeared before the Clay County Commission to discuss a “Transfer Within a Fund” which will, once passed as part of next week’s consent agenda, give Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies a salary increase. …

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Sheriff Paul Vescovo Yet to Receive Response on Salary Increases for Deputies

Sheriff Vescovo was at the Clay County Commission meeting on Monday, February 22nd for a fourth time in the last five weeks. Back on January 19, Vescovo asked the Commission to consider an across the board salary increase for Clay County deputies. Vescovo is concerned that his department’s pay is …

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Solution for Hiring Issue, but Sheriff Paul Vescovo Still Wanting Response on Deputy Salaries

Paul Vescovo

Sheriff Paul Vescovo returned for the third week in a row to discuss concerns with the Clay County Commission. Vescovo appeared during the January 19, 2016 Commission meeting asking for an across the board salary increase for Sheriff’s Deputies, and then again appeared last week concerned about a hiring issue. …

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Sheriff Paul Vescovo Appears Before Commission With Concerns For Second Week in Row

Clay county sheriff

Last week Sheriff Paul Vescovo appeared before the Clay County Commission with concerns about Sheriff’s deputies’ salaries in the County. At Monday’s Commission meeting Vescovo was back, this time he was concerned about a hiring issue. The Sheriff’s department is being prevented from hiring two Court Security Deputy positions. According to …

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Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo Concerned About Deputy Salaries

“I am approaching the County Commission again today because of what I see as a great injustice being done to the deputies of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.” Those were the beginning words of a letter that Sheriff Paul Vescovo read and presented to the Clay County Commission at today’s …

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City of Mosby Requests Law Enforcement Services from Clay County Sheriff’s Department

This story was originally published on November 3rd, further discussion occurred on November 23. The update is below the original story. Captain Steve Siercks and Captain Matt Hunter of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office appeared before the Clay County Missouri Commission on November 2, 2015 to discuss with the Commission …

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Clay County Commission Votes to Shore Up Clay County Sheriff Salaries Due to Loss of DSSSF Funding

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department had been receiving grant funding since 2012 from the Deputy Sheriff’s Salary Supplementation Fund (DSSSF). The Sheriff’s Department was using this money to supplement commissioned personnel that worked for the department. This year, the MoSMART (Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Taskforce) board changed the parameters on …

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