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Must see videos from CES 2017

It’s the largest electronic show in the world, and it just drew to a close yesterday. CNET TV captured these videos that help to tell the story of what this year’s expo was all about. A gaming laptop with 3 17″ screens from Razer. Yeah, you read that right. The …

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Underfunded Pensions in California to Get Worse in 2017

After two years of minuscule investment returns, the nation’s largest state pension fund—the California Public Employees’ Retirement System—has once again lowered its expected rates of return. Even some CalPERS officials and consultants argue the lowered financial expectations don’t go far enough to shore up the fund’s financial position, as it …

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WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

Completely false reports, reporters with large followings not issuing corrections, and attacks by prominent Democrats on a Bernie Sanders supporting, gay, investigative journalist who refuses to support the Democrat narrative about Russia. I’ve been transformed, overnight, into an early adherent of alt-right ideology, an avid fan of Breitbart, an enthusiastic Trump supporter, and …

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