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Musings From Clay County Missouri

MUSINGS: All of Kansas City to Pay for a Portion of Kansas City Economic Development?

Kansas City’s General Election ballot is filled with bonds of every shape and size. Even the little doggies get some bond money! Personally, I’ll be voting all the bonds down. I’d love to get into this in more depth, but I simply don’t have the time to do it this …

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Musings: New contract for Clay County Administrator beyond outrageous

For the last year and a half I have been covering the continual conflict and disrespect of the citizens at the Clay County Courthouse. Yesterday I received an email from a source that contained the renewal contract of Clay County Administrator Dean Brookshier. For those that haven’t seen the news …

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Musings: 20 Questions From Jack Cashill’s The Sentinel

For those that have not heard, conservative author Jack Cashill has launched a digital news product of his own. The Sentinel launched on January 30, 2017 and according to Cashill is seeing some great site traffic early on. More from The Sentinel’s about page: The Sentinel is an online news …

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Musings: Targeted Commission Mailings Legal, Still Wasteful and Wrong

The decision in the Markenson lawsuit came down last week. You can read more about that by clicking HERE. I can’t say that I was surprised by it at all. It’s an uncomfortable position for any judge to be in the middle of. As with many things in our society, …

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Musings: On Welfare and Ignorance About Small Business

TheNorthlandNews.com publishes press releases and newsletters from our local elected officials on a regular basis inside of the opinion section of the site. It’s my belief that we should be engaged and involved with our local elected representatives. The discussions that occur at this level are important to our communities …

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Musings: Missouri Attorney General’s Office Asks For Response from Clay County Commission

I have received several questions about the legality of the Clay County Commission’s actions from the Commission meetings over the last month. As reported, the Commission has gone into unnoticed Executive Session in multiple meetings in the last month (you can read the news stories by clicking HERE, HERE, and …

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What did the latest Sunshine Request show?

Not much of anything other than the inability of the county to deliver the information in a timely fashion. As I told you recently I had filed another Sunshine Request with the County looking for something a tipster had said might be worth looking into. This individual had good reason …

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Musings: Correcting the Record on the Football Coaches Salaries

On Monday, I published a little Musing on rumors pertaining to coaches salaries in the Northland. It quickly became the second most viral article ever published on this site since it’s creation. (In case you’re wondering what the most viral article was, it was the announcement of the new Costco …

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Musings: Northland Football Coaches Play High Priced Musical Head Coach

The Northland News Football

Six Figure Salaries Rumored to be Part of the Movement TheNorthlandNews.com Editor and Publisher and Former Public School Teacher, Andrew Palmer, Asks Some Uncomfortable Questions On Friday I was contacted by a source that wished to remain nameless. This individual said there was going to be some interesting movement in …

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