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Through the Eye of the Storm

The wind was gusting, the clouds were swirling, the lightning was flashing and the rain was falling. This is what I was experiencing at my home right in downtown Smithville a little less than six miles away. On HWY 169 a funnel cloud dropped an EF-2 tornado at 7:18 PM. …

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Baby born to couple after head-on wreck

Jevon and Julie McBride spent over 10 years trying to get pregnant. When the Air Force couple found out on Mother’s Day 2016 that they were having a baby it was the happiest time of their life. But in October they were hit head-on in a car crash. They all …

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Veterans Receive On One Young Northlander’s Birthday

Grace Hall, daughter of Kansas City City Councilwoman Heather Hall, recently celebrated her 11th birthday. Instead of gathering some friends for gifts, pizza, cake, and ice cream, she decided to gather friends for pizza and an act of service. Hall invited 20 of her friends to attend her birthday party …

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