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Governor Eric Greitens’ Inauguration Speech

“I Come As An Outsider To Do The People’s Work” Thank you, Justice Breckenridge. And thank you President Pro Tem Richard and Speaker Richardson, and my fellow citizens. Today, we gather to take part in our republic’s most revered ritual: the peaceful transfer of power. Governor Nixon, you—and your team—have …

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Governor-Elect Eric Greitens comes to Clay County

Speech at Police Academy Focuses on Leadership and Public Safety, Speaks With Press for 8 Minutes TheNorthlandNews.com attended Governor-Elect Eric Greitens’ speech at the Kansas City Police academy on Tuesday. He spoke to attendees for about 8 minutes, visited with reporters for about 8 minutes, and visited with attendees after …

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The Speaker Who Will Deliver Right-to-Work

Speaker Todd Richardson will gavel the House to order Wednesday to start the 2017 legislative session, and economic development will dominate his agenda for the coming year and his final term in the General Assembly’s lower chamber. “Missouri is… one of the last states in the region not to give …

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