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We received this from Edie Stephenson of Kearney, MO. For more information on our Opinion Section please click here.

We petition the Missouri House of Representatives (99th General Assembly-2016) for protection against the bullying of seniors/elderly and disabled persons living in community settings including public or subsidized multi-unit housing programs. Bullying exists here and it exists nationally.

People need to be safe from psychological as well as physical abuse in their homes.

Bullying consists of trying to control another person by intentional, repeated, aggressive, inappropriate actions that can cause psychological and physical harm.

It deprives us of our human and civil rights. We experience isolation, exclusion,
rejection, malicious gossip, emotional abuse, and even violence. Our lives are consumed by conflict and stress, causing both emotional and physical illness. We live in fear of unfair eviction and the peril of homelessness. Bullying prevents a healthy community life; it is harmful to residents, staff, and visitors, as well as managers.

We seek broad, bipartisan support for laws to protect our seniors and disabled persons in community living situations. We need your support. Please, urge your Legislators to establish this.

T. J. BERRY ( 038) TELEPHONE: 573-751-2238 FAX:573-522-9320 EMAIL:[email protected]

JIM NEELY (008) TELEPHONE:573-751-0246 FAX: 573-634-5646 EMAIL: [email protected]

KEN WILSON (012) TELEPHONE: 573-751-9760 FAX: 573-634-5646 EMAIL: [email protected]

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  1. Bullying is out there. It exists everywhere, but the least known is in our senior living communities. Seniors, handicapped and the elderly have little if any voice. They are not heard, they are not seen, they are not believed. The communities consist of retirement/independent living, assisted living, and full care. It exists because of poor, inept management and weak, uniformed and uncaring owners. I am aware of a retirement community whose site manager openingly in a number of meetings has bragged about appointing fellow tenants to keep her aware of what is going on. To the best of my count today, there are an estimated 10 informants. It keeps the community divided + suspicious = unhappy homes. The owner and Missouri Housing Development Commission and Attorney General are aware of the informants and approves! The Manager and her friends support each other and will even in a group mob a fellow tenant who has dared to stand up to them or that they simply don’t like for whatever reason.. Picture a group and a manager and an owner in this case, standing together to destroy the credibility and the mental stability of their victim. They will instill this into the current tenants and especially the new tenants. They will make up lies about incidences the victim supposedly did and support each other with phone calls or letters or personal interviews. The point is making that victim not to be taken seriously by the police, the city, state and county officials, for example. The victim looses any protection and is regarded as, hot headed, a trouble maker or worse, unstable. Their system works folks. The only protection is to make bullying illegal and holding the owner responsible with severe consequences.