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Citizen Voices: Frustrations of Slip Holders Continue at Smithville Lake

Don Milum is a resident of Clay County. TheNorthlandNews.com readers may remember that he was one of the individuals that spoke at length at the County Commission meeting back in May. To submit a Citizen Voices column please email your column to stories [at] TheNorthlandNews.com. Citizen Voices is your portion of TheNorthlandNews.com where you can sound off on an issue.

I stopped by the slip yesterday to check on the boat and enjoy the warm weather.

This is what I found to my disappointment. Keep in mind this is from the people who stated in the slip renewal letter that inspections were going to be implemented this year and those out of line would be cited to correct or be removed.

Also important to note that representatives from the three marinas had developed a 47 line item RAIL (rolling action item list) of items that needed attention. We were meeting with county officials monthly on these items until the election was over, at which point all meetings stopped and they won’t engage.

We should not be quick to jump on the low paid workers who did this, but quick to jump on the leadership/management team that are quick to state they are in charge.

In charge, I doubt, but absolutely responsible.

List of those responsible in order:

Luann Ridgeway in that the lake is in her area.
Brad Garrett as the ACA – Facilities
Nicole Brown – ACA Public Services
Melissa Mohler – Tourism Manager

In addition to the totally unsafe wiring to install the aerators many are missing and several have been installed in slips with no boats. Convenient, yes, correct, NO.

Who in the leadership team identified above is going to step forward and accept responsibility for this and more importantly what are you going to do to correct it?

We’re tired of all of the waiting and lip service. Correct immediately to prevent personal injury and damage to boats.


Disappointed and under served slip holders

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