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Citizen Voices: Hope in 2017

Welcome to 2017.

It’s a year for Hope and Change!

Here are 3 things that I am hoping will change:

1. Freedom of Speech: The first amendment will be understood by more people on the extreme left and right.

The founders believed that Freedom of speech was so important that it became the First amendment to our U.S. Constitution.

Freedom of Speech is just as important for those who agree with you as those who disagree. I believe we should encourage those who disagree to openly discuss and debate the issues. It is only through open honest debate that we can find the best solutions for our country.

Those wanting to control so called ‘Fake News’ are really using this as a smoke screen to edit the news you consume to meet their agenda.

They are traitors to our constitution and American beliefs.

Be wary of anyone this year who says they must control Fake News or any type of free expression or messaging.

Its not just Zuckerburg at FaceBook or Twitter trying to control the message. The Main Stream media: NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox have the choice of telling you many different stories. The ones they choose over the ones they omit has long been a not so secret plan to control the message.

For example, if you watch the ABC evening news, you will see a strong bias towards “socialism is good” type of stories. Some of them are well produced and make you feel good. But it is a distinct lack of “free markets are good” stories that creates a bias towards socialism, liberal ideologies. ABC news is against capitalism and free markets simply by the act of not ever covering the positive effects of our free market economy.

So, for 2017, I hope we see a change towards more freedom of speech and less bias from your news sources – no matter who they are. In the meantime, read and watch every story with an attitude of questioning the motives of the source.

2. A return to Midwest values and a positive attitude about life.

Issues are rarely just black or white. I hope for 2017 that the haters who created such divisiveness in the last few years stop stealing the national spotlight.

Michael Brown was a thug and thief.

Not all black people are bad because of what he did. Some police officers are control freaks who kill innocent people.

Not all police are bad because of a few bad players.

We seem to have become obsessed with the outrageous story and then it is turned into something more than it really is.

A professor wrote this note on his chalkboard:
1×9 = 7
2×9 = 18
3×9 = 27
4×9 = 36
5×9 = 45
6×9 = 54
7×9 = 63
8×9 = 72
9×9 = 81

His students were laughing and pointing at the mistake and carrying on.
Look! Look! 1 x 9 = 7

When the noise subsided, the professor spoke to the class. “There are 9 equations on the board. 8 are correct and 1 is wrong. You focused on the one that is wrong and made fun of me for making an error.”

Yet, I got 8 of 9 correct.

American society in the age of social media behaves like his classroom students.

Let’s go back and start focusing on and praising what we are doing right.

It is powerful and inspiring.

For the past year or so, our family has been doing just that.

When we eat out, we will go up to the restaurant kitchen or counter and thank the folks in the back for preparing our meal. It’s usually something simple like this “Thanks for making our lunch.”

It’s amazing what effect this simple gesture has on the people who cooked our food.

For 2017, I pledge to focus more on the positive things, to publicly praise more, to work every day at helping people smile, and I hope you will too.

3. Make America Great Again

America is a great country. We are very blessed to live in such a land of abundance and freedom. We have had some bumps in the road, but overall we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be thankful for.

America is much more than government and that is where you and I come in. It’s up to us – you and I, our friends and neighbors – we are the folks who will make America great.

It happened in 1776 by folks just like you and me.

It happened in the great push west to make America the whole continent – by folks just like you and me.

It happened in the 1980s when our economy took off, and again in the 1990s when we built a strong economy and had low unemployment – and those strong economies were built by every day Americans – just like you and me.

“For 2017, I hope that Americans step up and make America great”

In pursuit of liberty (and free market trade) for all Missouri citizens,

Paul Hamby

Paul Hamby, a father of two, lives in Maysville, Missouri where he owns and manages Hamby Dairy Supply. Hamby is a 1985 graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia. Today, he is a board member of Missouri First, Inc., a think tank devoted to promoting constitutional governance.  Hamby was a past state coordinator of Missouri Campaign for Liberty.  Hamby helped lead the 2010 fight against the China Hub project in St Louis, Missouri. In that battle, grass root activists stopped a $350 million government handout that was supported by Governor Nixon, House and Senate leadership and the Chamber of Commerce.  Leading a coalition of Missouri political activists in 2008-2009, he successfully fought against Real ID, NAIS, and National Animal ID.  For more information on our Opinion Section please click here.

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