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Citizen Voices: Do We Really Want Another Clay County Retread?

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For the past 12 years the democrats have held the Clay County Western Commissioner seat.  That could change this year after the Democrat incumbent, Gene Owen, has been accused of misusing public funds and facing a lawsuit.

But going into the August 2nd primary, Clay County Republicans have a lot to think about.  Paul Evans and Pam Mason have both filed to run.

Mason is a former Clay County Presiding Commissioner and County Clerk, while Evans has never run for public office and currently serves on the Clay County Republican Central Committee.

This lifelong Clay County resident is sick of the commission infighting, lawsuits and power struggles.  So, with that said I will be voting for and supporting Evans in the primary.  I believe Evans offers much-needed breath of fresh air and would bring common sense to the county board.

As a member of the county commission, commissioners have the opportunity to put some initiatives forward and get a conversation going about where we are going in the future.  One idea Evans has put forward that no one else at the courthouse seems to be discussing is balancing sprawl and sustainability as the county continues to grow.

Mason, during her 14 years at the courthouse, was always a controversial figure.  While serving as county clerk she was at the center of the lawsuit over the infamous office wall, and as Presiding Commissioner she staged a war on the county’s park system which has led to the problems and neglect we’ve seen recently at Camp Branch and Smithville Lake.  Also during Mason’s tenure as Presiding Commissioner county employee morale was at an all-time low, the county almost missed payroll, and in general the courthouse lacked professionalism and leadership.

Mason was fired by Clay County voters twice and left office in disgrace.  With all the positive developments occurring around the county, now is not the time to look backwards.  Please join me August 2nd in supporting Paul Evans for Clay County Western Commissioner.

Jason H. Withington can be reached by email: [email protected]; twitter: @JHWKCMO

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