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Citizen Voices: It’s Time to Vote!

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You may have thrown up your arms in disgust at some of the candidates and political ads running, but one of the important reasons to vote is to decide whether or not to amend our Missouri Constitution.

Keep in mind these are my opinions. I am a libertarian Christian. I don’t believe all taxes are bad, but at the same time, more government is rarely the right answer.

There is a proper role for a limited government. When deciding on new laws or changes to our constitution, I ask the questions:

  • “Is this the proper role of government?”
  • “Will this law enhance or protect our liberty?
  • Will this law reduce our liberty?

Constitutional Amendment 1 – Renew the Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax

Paul’s view – Tossup, I lean no, but vote your conscience.

Missouri has a great public park system. I believe state parks are a proper role of government and are a great asset to our state. Our family regularly uses the state parks, and they have been a source of great memorable vacations for our family.

Both Governor Nixon and the legislature have not maintained the parks as well as they should. Nixon leaves office with a park system in poorer shape than 8 years ago and some parks have been closed or greatly reduced open times.

I would be 100% behind this tax if it were exclusively for the parks, but I don’t like the tie in with farmers and “land conservation”

It is two distinctly different purposes for the same pot of money.

I will probably vote NO, but am still undecided.

Click HERE for ore information here from the bureaucrats promoting this tax:

Constitutional Amendment 2 – Campaign Finance

Paul’s view – NO

I will vote no just based on the principle of free speech. Political speech is protected by the US constitution, and this would limit free speech. You can not limit campaign spending from the bad players, and not at the same time limit it for the good players.

If you limit money in one way, politicians find sneaky ways around the rules. The folks promoting this amendment are good people trying to do the right thing, but I believe this approach will have unintended consequences and will not solve the problems that frustrate many of us.

It’s a constitutional amendment. Changes to the constitution should be clear as to what they mean, what they will do, and the consequences down the road. This well intended amendment fails that test.

Constitutional Amendment 3 – Cigarette Tax

Paul’s view – No

Trying to tax bad behavior to create good behavior and justify it with pictures of children is wrong. I do not smoke (quit in 1986). I don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke, but I do not have the right to take extra money from people who smoke to give to politicians to give to some other cause. I don’t care how worthy the cause.

Constitutional Amendment 4 – Prohibit new Sales Taxes on Services

Paul’s view – Yes

A tax on service is akin to a tax on the fruits of your labor. This is especially damaging to small businesses who create the most jobs. Both are immoral and should be illegal. Our founders would be outraged that the government taxes your income. Amendment 4 is the right answer. It prevents an ever growing greedy government from a revenue stream that should be untouchable

Constitutional Amendment 6 – Voter Photo ID

Paul’s view – Yes

Voter fraud exists in Missouri.

I have seen clear evidence of it over the past few years.

Example 1:

Emmanuel Cleaver gets 99% of the vote in some Kansas City precincts. Statistically its about as possible as you having lunch on the moon next year.
but, yes, its possible to create that outcome.

Here is how it happened.

The Cleaver supporters had all 4 election judges in the precinct as their own Cleaver supporters. Both D’s and both R’s were really Cleaver supporters. All the “watchers” were Cleaver supporters. The outcome can be whatever they wanted. Yes, this really happened in past elections.

Example 2:

It happened in St Louis this year as brought out in the recent news stories that caused one of the 2016 primary election results to be set aside.

Example 3:

Yes, it happens in some rural ‘conservative’ counties, too.

One rural county had more people on their voter roles than the entire population of the county.

Because the clerk refused to remove people who moved or died.


Speculate all you want, but I can not think of any good reason to keep dead and non-resident folks on the voter roles unless you want to conveniently let those people vote and you have control over the outcome of the election.

Corruption is not based on one party, political philosophy, or skin color.

Now voter ID will not fix all election fraud, but it is a good next step. Poll watchers in your county are another good step and requires no new laws, so if you can be there, sign up as a poll watcher for election day. The more you are involved locally and the folks in charge know you and your friends are watching, the more likely that things will be handled in a fair way.

The true test of one’s character is what he does when no one is watching. Unfortunately the character of most of the players in the political world requires they be watched all the time.

Proposition A – Cigarette Tax

Paul’s view – NO

See amendment 4 arguments above.

Paul Hamby Missouri FirstPaul Hamby, a father of two, lives in Maysville, Missouri where he owns and manages Hamby Dairy Supply. Hamby is a 1985 graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia. Today, he is a board member of Missouri First, Inc., a think tank devoted to promoting constitutional governance. Hamby was a past state coordinator of Missouri Campaign for Liberty.  Hamby helped lead the 2010 fight against the China Hub project in St Louis, Missouri. In that battle, grass root activists stopped a $350 million government handout that was supported by Governor Nixon, House and Senate leadership and the Chamber of Commerce.  Leading a coalition of Missouri political activists in 2008-2009, he successfully fought against Real ID, NAIS, and National Animal ID.  For more information on our Opinion Section please click here.

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