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City Auditor recommends improvements to on-street bike plan

The City Auditor’s Office on Thursday released an audit on Bike KC, the city’s on-street master bike plan. The audit focused on whether Bike KC provides adequate guidance to meet the city’s bike-related goals.

The audit concluded that the Bike KC plan is not adequate to guide city staff to meet the city’s multi-modal transportation goal or to become a platinum-level, bike-friendly city by 2020. Bike KC lacks most of the recommended elements of a bicycle master plan. It does not include goals and objectives, benchmarks, policies, design guidelines, recommendations for the types of bicycle facilities to include on road segments, or an implementation plan.

The audit also concluded that the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee’s (BPAC’S) recommendations have not been adequately incorporated in the development of an update to the Bike KC plan. Although BPAC recommended that updates to Bike KC include recommended elements of a master bicycle plan, the proposed update does not include the elements and is not adequate to achieve city goals.

The audit also concluded that 53 percent of the city’s identified bike routes in the Bike KC plan are not suitable for the average bicyclist. About 90 percent of Bike KC’s built routes do not include a separate, dedicated space for bicyclists. In addition, the city is not efficiently expanding the city’s bicycle infrastructure and federally funded projects have faced delays and increased costs.

The audit includes recommendations to improve the plan’s guidance to staff to better meet the city’s biking goals and improve public input. The city manager agreed with the recommendations.

View the complete report online at https://webfusion.kcmo.org/coldfusionapps/auditor/showrecord.cfm?ID=853

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