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City working with Bishop Sullivan Center to “Drive KC to Work’’

With cooperation from the City of Kansas City’s Tow Services Department, Bishop Sullivan Center’s Drive KC to Work program is helping more people get to work and stay on their feet.

Drive KC to Work provides affordable transportation to individuals without a reliable way to get to work.

“Many of our lower-income clients had job opportunities but could not take advantage of them because they had no way to get there,” said Phil Smith, Bishop Sullivan Center’s Drive KC to Work coordinator. “Unless the job was on the bus line or relatively close to their home, taking it was not an option. So, we created Drive KC to Work.”

The program provides working individuals with a car at a deeply discounted price. Smith said Drive KC to Work helps people who, because of their struggles, would normally not qualify to purchase a vehicle at ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ car lots. He said once the city’s Tow Services Department heard about the program, they immediately wanted to participate.

“The city came to Bishop Sullivan Center and offered, at no charge, to store the cars at the tow lot until we paired the car with a deserving owner,” Smith said.

“It’s such a great program,” said Nate Pare’, Tow Services division manager, “and we have a safe, secure facility that’s monitored 24 hours a day, so we were more than happy to help.”

Drive KC to Work subscribes to the ‘rather than give someone a fish, teach them how to fish,’ theory,” Smith said. “That’s the impetus behind it.” He said the center is always looking for late-model vehicles in good condition. Anyone who would like to donate a car can contact Smith at [email protected] or call (816) 231-0984, ext. 113.

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