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Clay County Missouri Property Taxes Will Be Lowered

We reported on the discussions at the Clay County Missouri Commission meetings that occurred back in early September on the property tax levy. Former Commissioner Craig Porter appeared before the Commission encouraging a reduction, and Commissioner Gene Owen spoke favorably of a reduction as well.

The Commission went ahead and set the levy at .4443 per $100 of assessed valuation at the September 15, 2015 Clay County Commission meeting with no decrease. The general fund was set at .1000 at that meeting.

At the Clay County Commission meeting today, Commissioner Jerry Nolte announced that the general fund levy would actually be lowered. He also stated that Clay County Clerk Meghan Thompson was ahead of last year in getting the tax levy certified by the state.

We spoke briefly with Assistant County Administrator Nicole Brown after the meeting to get more specifics about the reduction. Brown stated that the general fund would be lowered 1.6 cents. This would take the levy from .1000 per $100 of assessed valuation to .0840. According to Brown this reduction does not require a second vote by the Commission for approval.

We asked Brown why the County had delayed in finalizing the levy. She stated that the County wanted to proceed with an “abundance of caution” making sure that they could in fact lower the levy.

Updated 11/4/2015

The Commission went ahead and voted on the lowered levies at a special meeting on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The reason for the vote was an abundance of caution and advice from legal counsel.

The meeting was held at the Ballroom at the Shoal Creek Golf Course. The reason for the meeting’s location was that there was another event the County was holding at that location at the night.




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