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Clay County Sheriff’s Salaries to Increase

The requests will need to be made no more. Captain Steve Siercks of the Clay County Sheriff’s Department appeared before the Clay County Commission to discuss a “Transfer Within a Fund” which will, once passed as part of next week’s consent agenda, give Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies a salary increase.

For weeks now Sheriff Vescovo has been requesting the increase which will bring the current average salaries of the Sheriff’s department just slightly below the average of other area law enforcement agencies. The current salaries rank at the bottom of other area agencies. According to Siercks, the average of other agencies that the Sheriff’s department survey was $35,900. The increase will make the average for the Sheriff’s department about $35,500.

County Staff indicated that they had reviewed the numbers. All three County Commissioners spoke in favor of the increase.

Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte said, “This is something that I’m very comfortable with. It also plays into the ongoing concerns that I had about the turnover. Hopefully this will make turnover less of an issue.”

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