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#ClayCoMindset: Medical Marijuana May Appear on Ballot

New Approach Missouri is a political action group that is pushing to get a medical marijuana initiative on the Missouri ballot in November. You can read more about the initiative by clicking HERE.

The group recently announced that they would go to the courts to overturn signatures that were invalidated by the office of Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander. Kander’s office says the group fell about 2,200 signatures short of getting the initiative on the ballot. According to the news release from the organization:

An initial review of signature totals from the six congressional districts we collected this Spring shows that the campaign currently has more than enough valid signatures in every district, except for Missouri’s second congressional district. In that district, which is made up of parts of Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis counties, local election authorities invalidated approximately 10,700 signatures, leaving the campaign roughly 2,200 short of the 32,337 signatures required in that district. We don’t believe the local election authorities in this district unnecessarily invalidated these signatures out of malice, but rather the errors were made by overworked staff and temporary employees that are brought in to handle the validation process for this year’s five initiative petitions.

You can read the full release by clicking HERE.

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