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#ClayCoMindset Missouri Presidential Primary Poll Update

As of publication, Donald Trump had just won two more primaries. Clinton took Mississippi and Sanders took Michigan. The Presidential race continues to evolve into one of the more interesting races many have seen.

Missouri gets to say her piece next week. Our ongoing Presidential primary is below. If you voted in the past, you are welcome to change your vote. We deleted Carson from the Republican primary options.

Also, we thought it would be fun to ask an interesting question after the primary polls. No matter your political opinion, you have to admit that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are passionately disliked by many in and outside of their own party. So, if that’s who we’re left with in the general, what do you do? You can add your own answer, if the answers that are given warrant it, we might add them to the poll for others to choose.

Republican Primary

Democrat Primary

Trump vs Clinton?



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