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Concerning Facebook Posts by Smithville School Board Candidate

Being a school board member is one of the most thankless jobs out there. They work unpaid and have to handle difficult situations. Good members will work tirelessly to represent the school districts they serve and will be sure every decision is explained and understood. Social media has become an important part of elections in our current society.

I recently found some disheartening and concerning posts on the personal Facebook page of Michael Till II (https://www.facebook.com/mizzoumafia81). Till is a candidate for the Smithville School Board. You can see some screen grabs of Till’s past posts below in the slideshow.

The posts are incredibly inappropriate and show a lack of moral integrity by a candidate who is running for an office that represents the Smithville School District. As a student in the school district and someone who wants to play a role in my community, I felt it was necessary to bring this to the attention of the voters of Smithville.

Warning the following images contain explicit language. 

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As the Smithville community works to advance the School District, Till’s behavior does not demonstrate the moral compass needed to hold a school board position and represent the students, faculty, and administration of this district now or in the future. Electing someone like Till would be a misrepresentation of the goal of the Smithville School District which is to “build a tradition of excellence” and help students become “proactive, compassionate leaders”.  

For 13 years of our lives, we look up to adults and seek out mentors in all aspects of the District, whether it be faculty, administration, or school board members. We should expect the utmost integrity, respect, and commitment out of our community leaders as that is what is intended for us as students. 

Electing Till would put a person on the board who seems to lack this integrity and respect for all, and would show our students that it is okay to disrespect classmates and adults. Let me be the first to say, this is absolutely not the behavior we need in our school buildings.

We need leaders that are willing to represent every student and teacher. Leaders who are willing to reason with those who have different viewpoints and ideas. Leaders who are willing to respect and work with everyone regardless of their personal beliefs.

Till’s behavior on his personal Facebook page shows that he is not this leader. In my opinion, he isn’t a leader at all. He is a person who lacks the morality to serve in any elected position.

Before you go to the polls on Tuesday, April 4th, remember to research the candidates running for the Smithville School Board. This year the candidates are Denney Fales, Russell Fries, Greg Chastain, Wade Kiefer, Earl Soetaert and Michael Till, II. There will be a school board meeting next Tuesday night, I’d encourage other members of our community to get out and attend. 

Editorial note: 7:52 AM 3/29/2017 – Michael Till, II reached out to The Northland News on March 25 requesting an interview. We did not have time to schedule one but did offer to publish any response he had concerning the above. As of this morning, we have heard nothing from him. We did attend the Smithville Candidates Forum last night and recorded full video of all the candidate responses , you can click HERE to see those videos.

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