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Concerns about last minute agenda additions at Clay County Commission meeting

It took nearly 50 minutes to approve the Clay County Commission agenda at the March 13, 2017 meeting.

Commissioner Nolte was frustrated that two items were presented for both addition to the agenda and immediate action the morning of the meeting. One item was the County’s insurance renewal and the other item was a small ordinance that allowed the county to attend the Kearney Business Group Business Expo.

Nolte stated that he felt that the two issues were not an emergency, but more of an urgent matter. He also raised concerns about whether the late additions might have violated Sunshine Law because they did not present proper notice.

It was clear that it was the first time Nolte had heard about both ordinances although Josh Garry, the County’s insurance representative, was in the room the morning of the Commission.

Commissioner Ridgeway indicated that she had heard about the issues but only late on Sunday, March 12.

“I can assure the Presiding Commissioner that I was not made aware of this, actually as it turned out, a text message came into me late Sunday, but I didn’t actually see it until about midnight.”

Immediately after Ridgeway states this you can see Nolte reach for his phone. It appears he was searching for the same text message. We reached out to ask him about this. Nolte told us that no such communication was sent to him.

Commissioner Owen expressed no comments about the matter.

The agenda was finally approved after a lengthy debate. The Commission only took up the Kearney Business Group resolution and the insurance renewal was pushed to the March 20 commission meeting where it was eventually approved.

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