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Harvest Ball Society Selects 22 Beneficiaries for 2016

In 2016, the Harvest Ball Society is pleased to announce its partnership with 22 charities committed to improving the lives of those in need in the Northland.

“The need in the Northland grows each year,” said President Jan Kauk. “By linking arms with our charity partners, our reach extends even further. Through these collective efforts, we impact more people in our community.

“Based on a needs assessment in the Northland, our focus for 2016 is charities that address food insufficiency and shelter, as well as critical gaps of service related to healthcare access and mental health services. Harvest Ball Society member education and volunteerism also will focus on these areas throughout the remainder of the year,” Kauk added.

These 22 area nonprofit organizations will benefit from the work of the Harvest Ball Society, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016. To raise funds, members will host two events: the Adorn Style Show on September 17 and the Harvest Ball on November 19. Both events are held in the Grand Ballroom at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.

The nonprofit organizations that will receive funding are:

Since 1987, nearly $7.5 million has been awarded to nonprofit organizations that serve people in need in the Northland. For descriptions of each nonprofit, as well as information about the Adorn Style Show and theHarvest Ball, visit: http://harvestballsociety.org/.

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