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Judgement in Markenson Lawsuit Against Clay County Commissioners

In April, TheNorthlandNews.com reported on a lawsuit that was filed by Clay County Resident Gary Markenson against Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway. The lawsuit alleged misuse of public funds for the mailers that were sent to targeted residents. The mailers also included free passes to Jesse James Farm and Museum.

Late last week the decision was given by Darren Adkins, the judge that heard the case. You can read the full decision by clicking HERE.

According to the 4 page document, Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway did not violate the state constitution by “incidentally” granting public money or property to individuals.

The court went on to state that it did not disagree with the advice of then County Counselor Don Norris who encouraged the Commission to pass an ordinance before sending the mailings. Additionally it stated it was not the role of the court to determine if there may have been a better way to disseminate county government information and promote the use of Clay County Parks.

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