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Kansas City Royals Looking for Local Artists for Mural

We receive notifications from the Kansas City Municipal Art Commission. This was sent late last week.

The Kansas City Royals are looking for local artists to concept and paint a mural depicting our theme for the 2017 season. For direction/inspiration, here is a written description of that theme:

Our loyalty isn’t measured in innings or games or even seasons. It’s measured in generations. It knows no time or geography. From fathers and daughters playing hooky on opening day to family camping trips where all you can hear is the crackling of the campfire and the soothing tones of Denny Mathews over AM radio — Royals fans are brought up to be Royals fans, the passion is passed down like some treasured family heirloom.

That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us last.

Through baseball feast and baseball famine we remain steadfast. Our players feel this support. They feed off of it. The organization seeks out a special kind of player that sees this value. These players have roots. And here, those roots run deep. Some are born with farm system bloodlines. Others are adopted sons. These roots are leveraged to embrace the royal way of baseball. You are relentless. You are patient. And most importantly, the team comes first.

More details:

• The final piece will have a naturalistic/realistic style

• Interested artists will need to submit relevant portfolio pieces in PDF format by 12/22/2016

• Artist finalists will be chosen based off their portfolio pieces and will then submit sketches of their proposed mural

• The mural project will be awarded in early January

• Material costs will be covered and artists will be compensated

• The mural will need to be completed by February 2

• Submissions should be sent to Briana Lanfranca and [email protected]

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