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Kearney Family Foundation Brings Community Closer Together

The Kearney Family Foundation has impacted many people in the Kearney, Missouri community. Kim Thorne operates the foundation out of her home and she couldn’t be more excited.

“It’s just amazing to see everyone come to do service for others and the greater good,” Thorne said, “when you volunteer, it’s such a humbling experience that I hope everyone sometime in their life does it.”

Kim Thorne started the foundation 14 years ago and the program continues to grow. The amount of volunteering and household supplies people donate are increasing rapidly which is fantastic for the foundation and the community. Not only do they get more volunteers, but they also continue to have volunteers return who have found a love for giving.

The foundation finds families in need through Kearney High School and interviews each family to see how they can help them in the best way possible. Whether that is providing food, clothing, toiletries, they can help with it all.

Kearney Family Foundation
Volunteers help wrap presents before sending them to families in Kearney, Missouri.

“One thing that separates other foundations from ours is that everything is done anonymously, that way, everyone can get the help they need and I think that is incredibly important.”

Because it is anonymous, one volunteer said that “I’m not allowed to go to any of the deliveries because my kids go to Kearney schools and we want to help everyone no matter who they may be.”

Some of the volunteers explained that having a family run foundation makes the town of Kearney, Missouri a more welcoming and involved place that contains a large group of people who have a appreciation for helping others out.

The Thorne’s are just proud of all they have accomplished this season for the Kearney Family Foundation and hope to shoot for the same next year.

“Giving back to the community,” Thorne said, “has honestly become one of my greatest passions.”

To learn more about the Kearney Family Foundation: http://www.kearneyfamilyfoundation.org


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