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Liberty Kindergartner Struck by Vehicle, Find Out How You Can Help

lillie savage

We were notified by a TheNorthlandNews.com reader about a GoFundMe page that is set-up to help the family of Lillie Savage who was unfortunately struck by an automobile on Friday, April 22nd. From the GoFundMe Page:

Lillie Savage (6) was involved in a accident the evening of Friday April 22nd. She was on her bicycle riding and lost control and unfourtuantly [sic] could not get stopped in time before running into Lee’s Summit road where she was struck by a vehicle. Lillie had CPR performed on her at the scene and was then transported and eventually ended up in the great care of Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Lillie’s current condition is stable. She is almost breathing on her own as of today (4/26).  She suffered a spleen injury, broken ribs, and some spinal fractures. The main trama [sic] is an unfortunate brain injury.

The page was updated on May 7 with an update on Lillie’s condition:

Went and had a awesome visit with miss Lillie today! What amazing progress! This little girl is extremely strong and made amazing improvement! She is communicating with her eyes and moving her left hand extremely well! She shook my hand and gave me a five! The physical therapy is underway and she had 4 sessions today! Please share share share and if you can spare a few bucks that is great! Most of all keep the awesome prayers going! Justin and Stacy are clearly so thankful for you all! #savagestong #superlillie

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