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Maple Corners Development Halted

TheNorthlandNews.com published a report last week about the petition drive that opponents were organizing against the proposed Maple Corners Development at 48th St. and Randolph Road.

The development was supposed to be a mix of market rate housing (40%) and a mixture of mixed-income and public housing replacement units (60%). Many of the residents were to be relocated from the Chouteau Apartments located at 1220 E. Independence Ave.

Opponents were concerned about the availability of public resources at the proposed site.

As promised in the previous report, we emailed both Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner and Councilwoman Heather Hall immediately after publication.

Ms. Hall was prompt to return our email, and she followed up with a phone call the subsequent day. We were told that she was meeting with the developer on Thursday, and that she hoped to have something more detailed by early this week.

We never received a response from Wagner, but we did receive notice from a couple sources that the Maple Corners Development had been halted.

The announcement was issued in a letter addressed to the Missouri Housing Commission from Kansas City City Manager Troy Schulte, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Kansas City Edwin Lowndes, and David Brint of Brinshore Development.

It’s not clear at this point in time what will be the final destiny of the project. The letter states, “We have determined that additional time is needed to address community concerns regarding this site….we are also beginning a broader planning effort to evaluate suitable public housing replacement sites in Kansas City North.”

You can read the full letter below:

Maple Corners Development letter 1

Maple Corners Development letter 2

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