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Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parson – The Time to Act is Now

Mike Parson is Missouri’s 47th Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is the second highest constitutional office in Missouri with executive and legislative responsibilities. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we post these updates please click here.

There is a spirit of renewed optimism in the halls of our State Capitol. With a new governor and team of statewide officials, we are off and running in the new legislative session. I know now more than ever that Missouri’s best days lie ahead.

This week, our governor presented his first State of the State Address. He asked for bold and needed changes to help our state thrive again. As your lieutenant governor, I plan to use all the resources at my disposal to ensure the governor’s agenda is achieved including rolling back job-killing regulations and investing in our state’s infrastructure and education system. We have a huge opportunity to enact real and positive reforms now to make Missouri a safe and thriving place to live and work for the next generations.

Missouri ranks 47th in economic growth, with many jobs and companies leaving our state. This cannot be ignored. On Thursday, the Senate received the House’s Right to Work bill. The time to enact this measure is now to bring back quality jobs to the state. As President of the Senate, I will do all I can to see this bill signed by Governor Greitens.

We have had many visitors to the office this week. If you are ever in the capitol, please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello. My office is your office. I am humbled to do the people’s work, so please reach out to us and let us know your feelings on how we can improve Missouri. You can also visit us online at ltgov.mo.gov.

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