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Missouri Senator Ryan Silvey – 12 Hour Filibuster

Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey represents the majority of Clay County in the Missouri Senate. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we publish these updates from legislators please click HERE.

The Senate is the legislative body that takes its time to work through things. This week, that meant a 12 hour filibuster on Senate Bill 43. Let me explain.

Senate Bill 43
SB 43 is a bill dealing with workplace discrimination lawsuits. SB 43 changed the standard of proof from “contributing” to “but for”, which is essentially impossible to prove. This caused the filibuster.

The Filibuster
Different members of the Senate held the floor for 11 hours. Around 1 AM, the need for a deal was clear. That’s when Senator Holsman and I stepped in.

My Role
I inquired of Senator Holsman sometime after midnight and we began to hold the floor.. During this time, we spoke about the bill, the Royals line up, our favorite movies, and so on. Why did we do this? It was a strategic move, providing time for the disagreeing senators to draft up a compromise. Eventually, they reached a deal and changed the bill to fit federal standards. I left the Capitol around 3 AM.

Facebook Live

This week’s Facebook Live was broadcast from the House chamber.

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