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Missouri Senator Ryan Silvey: Fighting for Clay County

Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey represents the majority of Clay County in the Missouri Senate. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we publish these updates from legislators please click HERE.

This week, I want to take time to reach out to you about something that will affect us all: REAL ID.

I’m sure you’ve read headlines about REAL ID deadlines, but this week I want to take a moment to explain to you just what we’re dealing with.

In 2005, Congress passed The REAL ID Act. The intention was to make sure our photo ID’s were more safe and secure but instead caused privacy concerns. In 2009, the Missouri Legislature voted not to comply with the REAL ID requirements, making decisions for Missourians instead of letting you decide for yourself. Since then, all but 6 states have decided to comply with the law and Missouri’s extension is about to run out.

What does this mean? 
This means that in January of 2018, you will no longer be able to use your Missouri driver’s license to fly, go on a military base without an escort, or enter a federal building. You will have to get a national ID, such as a passport, to do any of these things. That’s a financial burden on you and your family.

My bill, Senate Bill 37, or the REAL ID Fix, empowers you to make a choice about what kind of ID you want. If you do have privacy concerns, you can continue with your current ID. However, if you don’t want the undue financial burden associated with acquiring a passport, you can get a REAL ID compliant driver’s license.

So what’s the problem?
Jefferson City politicians don’t like common sense solutions. When it comes to REAL ID, they’re trying to make decisions for you about your privacy. It should be your choice to comply with REAL ID, not theirs. Political insiders are trying to keep you from getting a REAL ID just so they can score points by picking an unnecessary fight with the federal government.

How can you help?
Every voice counts in the fight to make decisions about your privacy. Take advantage of social media and share with your family and friends what REAL ID means. Let’s get the REAL ID Fix done!


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