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Missouri State Representative Ken Wilson – “Dangerous Weather Wreaked Havoc”

As the legislature debated multiple bills and worked more hours, I found myself in the throes of a community tornado in need of relief.

That Monday night a few weeks ago was not a typical evening for me.  Usually I would be in Jefferson City attending meetings and preparing for a full day of meetings and debates.  Tuesday, I was going to tend to a personal matter, but as the night unfolded my wife and I took cover in our basement as a tornado whirled through.  The rumblings and noise gave us a frightful feeling.  We prayed for safety of loved ones and our community of friends.

When we assessed the damage, it seemed that we had been spared.  When we looked around, we notice we had not been spared at all.  Some of my neighbor’s homes were destroyed or had severe damage.  Debris all over the neighborhood covered lawns and over streets.

As I was helping my community pick up the pieces, I realized my time home had been a blessing.  My time with the community has brought us closer.  Everyone jumped in where they could and made time for one another.  I always knew I had a strong neighborhood, but our time together shows me we are tethered to work for our communities good.

There is still a lot of work and healing as lives are moving forward.  But the reality is we are still here and for that we can all be thankful.  There is nothing on earth more valuable than having our community escape the life threatening dangers of natural disasters.

Please let my office know if you would like to assist those families with greater losses.  I will be back to Jefferson City soon to continue the good fight and focus on the issues that matter most to the district.

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