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Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew – Capitol Report – March 2, 2017

Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew represents Missouri House district 14. Most of Representative Corlew’s district is in Platte County, but a small portion of it extends into Clay County. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we publish these newsletters from elected officials please click here.

Much of Representative Corlew’s report looked like Representative Neely’s. We’ve included the portion below that was unique to his Capitol Report.

Appointment to New Committee to Examine the Tax Burden on Working Families

In recent weeks the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives has formed several special and sub committees to address issues ranging from student debt relief to agricultural education to the tax burden on working families.

Last week I was appointed to serve on the House Special Committee on Tax Policy for Working Families. We will take a closer look at legislation that could reduce the tax burden for Missouri families. One bill the committee is expected to review and discuss thoroughly is a state earned income tax credit. During the 2016 legislative session, the House approved an earned income tax credit that I co-sponsored, but the bill failed to make it through the Senate. Legislators are again proposing legislation this year that would authorize a state individual income tax credit equal to 20 percent of any federal earned income tax credit claimed by the taxpayer. If approved this year, the legislation could provide meaningful tax relief to more than a quarter million working Missourians.

Expert Witness Bill Moving in Senate (HB 153)

This week I presented HB 153 to the Senate Government Reform Committee. This legislation would improve the reliability of expert evidence presented to juries in Missouri state courts. The House passed HB 153 last month. After I presented the bill to the Senate committee, members voted 4-1 in favor of the legislation, moving it forward. I am hopeful that the full Senate will consider the legislation this month.

Local Government Committee Moves Seniors Tax Relief Bill Forward (HB 154)

This week the House Local Government committee voted to move forward my legislation that would provide meaningful property-tax relief to our senior citizens and disabled persons on fixed incomes. HB 154 would give Missouri counties the opportunity to put a cap on residential property taxes for senior citizens and the disabled so that the tax rate would not rise above the cost-of-living increase (if one occurs) for Social Security benefits.

House Give First-Round Approval to REAL ID Fix (HB 151)

Legislation that I’m sponsoring would offer Missourians the freedom to choose to get a state-issued driver’s license that is REAL ID-compliant, so they can visit a military base or fly on commercial domestic flights with their Missouri identification. Last week, the House voted to Perfect the legislation. The House will vote on the legislation one more time (called “Third Read”) before sending it to the Senate for consideration.

Earlier this week, I penned an op-ed in support of the legislation. The piece has been published in various news sources. Here are links to the op-ed in couple of those sources, the Northland News and the Missouri Times.

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