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Missouri State Senator Silvey Adds Support to Proposed GO Bond Projects

A little over a month ago Northland resident Jason Withington contributed a column to our Citizen Voices section encouraging Kansas City to consider a list of projects for the potential General Obligation (GO) Bond.

Withington has been gaining support from elected officials in the Northland. We recently reported that the North Kansas City School Board and State Representative Lauren Arthur had publicly stated they supported Withington’s proposed projects.

Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey has added his voice of support to the Withington’s efforts. Here is his letter of support that he sent to the Kansas City Public Improvements Advisory Committee.


Dear Committee,

The North Kansas City School District serves more than 19,200 students at 33 locations throughout Southern Clay County, Missouri. The safety of our children should always be a top priority and, therefore, improving streets surrounding these schools is something that I would both support and encourage.

I support Mr. Jason Withington in his efforts to ensure safe routes to schools for the students of our district. His project recommendation list appears to provide safer streets and better access for the children and the parents.

As you deliberate, please consider adding these projects to your list of projects for the upcoming $1 billion GO Bond. Thank you again for your efforts to make our community safer for everyone that we both serve.

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