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Missouri Viewpoints Looks at Opposing Views on Ideas for Missouri’s Economy

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(St. Charles, MO) – “Right To Work”, “Paycheck Protection” or what opponents call “Paycheck Deception”, the minimum wage, court reforms and even the number of lawmakers we elect to write laws in Jefferson City. This week, we get viewpoints on those from the small business community and from organized labor in Missouri.

“Right To Work” has made gains in the Missouri Legislature over the past couple years and it will very likely be debated again. That will have an impact on both the politics of the Legislative Session and on the 2016 elections.

Brad Jones is the President of Missouri’s branch of the National Federation of Independent Business and Mike Louis is the President of the Missouri AFL-CIO. They offer very different views on the decisions that will impact your wallet in 2016.

Jones says many small businesses work on such slim margins that attempts to unionize their shops could put many out of business. Louis disagrees and says unions only want higher wagers and more robust benefits for workers, not to put employers out of business.

Both discuss efforts to increase the minimum wage in Missouri as well. Right now, multiple petitions are being promoted to put a minimum wage increase on the statewide ballot.

When asked about other priorities for 2016, Jones says his group wants to see more protections in the courtroom through legal reforms. Louis mentions a proposal that would actually decrease the number of state lawmakers in the State Legislature, which is currently dominated by Republicans.

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