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Missouri Wine & Grape Board Launches Missouri Winery Visitors Program

MVPeCard_1x1 (1)The Missouri Wine and Grape Board has launched a new program to encourage you to visit various wineries around the state.

Here’s more from the Missouri Division of tourism blog:

Ok, so this is how it works.  MVP participating wineries will hand out MVP tickets at their tasting rooms, each with a unique code, which you can collect every time you visit.  Enter the codes into your MVP account on MissouriWineMVP.com for points.  You can become an MVP by registering an account at MissouriWineMVP.com.  Once registered, we will mail you a welcome packet with a map, program information, and a special gift!  Your first visit to a winery will earn you 500 points, but visits 2 through 10 to that same winery will get you 100 points.  If you continue to visit that same winery more than 10 times, you’ll receive 10 points each thereafter.  You only get one ticket per person per winery visit, so keep those tickets safe and secure.  The best strategy to earn points for rewards is to travel around Missouri and discover new wineries throughout the state.

According to the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, the Missouri wine industry accounts for 14,000 jobs. Missouri has over 100 wineries in the state. For more information check out their website about MissouriWine.org.

We thought it would be a good time to bring back this old #ClayCoMindset poll. There are numerous wineries throughout the Northland. What is your favorite winery?

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