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MoDOT Discusses “Scoping” Projects For Platte and Clay County

The Northland News attended the MARC (Mid-America Regional Council) STP Priorites Committee Meeting last Tuesday.

Both Kansas and Missouri have their own STP Priorities Committee as part of MARC. STP stands for Surface Transportation Program. The Missouri STP Priorities Committee is authorized by the MARC Total Transportation Policy Committee (TTPC) to provide project funding recommendations to TTPC for federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) traffic flow funds. These funds are suballocated in Missouri to the Kansas City Metropolitan Planning Organization by federal and/or State policy. The committee also assists in monitoring and reporting on the progress of projects funded through these programs.

This committee is chaired by Steve Hansen who is the Director of Public Works for the city of Liberty. The Committee is comprised of 38 voting members. Here in Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte is our primary representative and the alternate is Commissioner Gene Owen. Usually the Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Their meetings are open to the public.

A representative from MoDOT presented briefly to the group at the last meeting. She said that MoDOT had experienced some beneficial revenue. As a result, MoDOT has added several “scoping” projects throughout the metro.

We spoke briefly today with a representative from MARC. A scoping project is a project that MoDOT is looking at completing. He said that its a high probability that the projects would be completed.

The “scoping” projects announced in Platte/Clay County were:

Resurfacing MO 92 Hwy between 2nd St. (West of Rte. N) to rte. DD

Resurfacing US 69 between 1-35 and McCleary Rd.

Resurfacing MO 152 Hwy between 1 Highway and I-35

Resurfacing MO 1 Hwy between NE 64th St. and Rte. 152

Replace Super Structure of Bridge over Shoal Creek and railroad (over by Fountain Bluff Sports Complex in Liberty).

You can watch the brief presentation from MoDOT on our YouTube channel:

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