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New Mark Middle School Continues Tradition of Veterans Day Assembly

New Mark Middle School is located in the Northland just off of North Oak at 106th St. The building has held a Veterans Day assembly every year for at least 25 years.

The assembly kicked off slightly after the first school bell with all of the students in attendance either in the large gym where it was held or in their classrooms via Skype.

We spoke briefly with principal Terri Sherry about the assembly. Sherry has been principal of New Mark for nine years.

“The Veteran’s Day Assembly at New Mark is an honored tradition. By having our students and faculty invite their family and friends for this special recognition to thank them for their service and protecting our freedoms, the assembly provides a real sense of community. We have veterans that return year after year because they feel that sense of community and true gratitude from our students and staff for their service defending our country.”

The assembly features students performing the typical components you might see at a Veterans Day assembly out in the general public. The most impressive performance might have been seventh grader Jordon Prince performing the National Anthem.

Band director Serena Loving led her students in a rendition of Armed Forces on Parade.


Jesse Kuykendall, an eighth grade student, performed Taps.


If interested in seeing the full assembly, which runs about 13 minutes, you can watch it here:

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