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North Kansas City City Council Recap August 16, 2016

Recap courtesy Rich Groves of the North Kansas City City Business Council.

Special City Council Open Work Session meeting at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of this Special Open Work Session was to allow Community Development Director Sara Copeland to share updated information about the Burlington Corridor project and the Downtown Streetscape plan.

Burlington Corridor

Sara showed images of today vs the proposed look the Burlington Corridor will have upon completion of this project. Phase 1 of this project would include completion of construction documents and construction impacting only the east side of Burlington with the creation of a dedicated “bicycle track”, new curbing and sidewalks, and work on the median from 10th to 12th Avenues.

More than 50% ($3.8 million) of the Phase 1 cost ($7.1 million) is expected to be covered by Federal funds, but that won’t be confirmed until later this year. The timing of expenditures is projected to be $1.4 million in 2017 and $5.7 million in 2019. Nothing will be asked of the City Council for approval to spend until there is confirmation of the Federal funding. Because Burlington Rd is also MO Hwy 9, MoDOT has been an active participant in this project.

Downtown Streetscape

Public Works Director Pat Hawver gave background information about the condition of the trees in the downtown district, including reasons for the need to replace 45 trees since 2012. Reasons include the age of the trees and in some cases the limited space for tree roots to expand. Sara and Pat further expanded on the deterioration of some of the paving blocks and the need to continue replacing trees and to make improvements to the tree wells, brick pavers and curbs.

The proposed budget is to spend $60 thousand in 2017 for construction documents and initial tree planting. After that, upgrades for each block will cost approximately $375 thousand, for a total project cost of $2.3 million between now and completion in 2021.

Regular City Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Comments from the Public

NORTH Magazine Article

This gave me the opportunity to point out the very complimentary 4-page article in NORTH magazine titled “New Vitality in North Kansas City”. If you aren’t a recipient of the hard copy magazine you can see the article online at www.ilivenorth.com on pages 22-25 of the August issue.

Agenda Topics

The Swift Mile

Approval was given for a short-term conditional use permit for the Swift Mile Street Festival, Saturday, September 10. This will be the first year for this event which is coordinated by Northland Festivals, which also manages the Snake Saturday Parade and Festival.

An art market with local artists and craftsmen, live music and food and beverage will be conducted on Swift between 13th and 15th Avenues. Other features of the day include a Pint Path featuring food and drink specials at participating bars and restaurants throughout North Kansas City as well as participation by Bike/Walk KC. Dare to Dabble owners Sheryl Godsy and Erin Morales are coordinating the art market. The volunteer group North Kansas City NOW is coordinating the Pint Path. North Kansas City Hospital is the title sponsor. The day prior to the event, Friday, September 9, Entercom radio station 98.1 FM and 98.0 AM will be broadcasting live all day from Paul & Jack’s. Cumulus radio will be broadcasting live from North Kansas City on Saturday and is featuring a contest with tickets to a Taylor Swift concert as a prize.

Chicken N Pickle Octoberfest

Approval was given for an Octoberfest event at Chicken N Pickle on September 30 and October 1, featuring a German band, food and beverages.

Sign Regulation Changes

An ordinance was passed to revise some of the regulations about signage on properties and buildings. Buildings in the PID (Paseo Industrial District, east of I-35) will be permitted to have larger signs up to 25% of the wall area up to a maximum of 500 s.f.  Signs on buildings west of I-35 cannot exceed 150 s.f. No roof-mounted signs will be permitted. Sign permit fees will be increased to a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $150 depending on the square footage of the sign. This increase is intended to cover the cost of staff review and coordination with contractors. It is consistent with the fees of other communities in the Kansas City area.

Additional Costs for Armour Road Redevelopment Area

A total of $406 thousand additional costs will be necessary for the preparation of the ARRA prior to any construction by the master developer. Unanticipated costs have been incurred for asbestos removal in the Sutherland’s building which is necessary before demolition of the building. Other costs are related to demolition of the Sutherland’s buildings, relocation of the Burger King restaurant and engineering for the spine road of the ARRA.

Private Security Officers

A few North Kansas City businesses employ their own on-site security services (e.g. Harrah’s, Cerner and Helzberg). Police Chief Steve Beamer recommended changes to the ordinance focusing on provisions like obtaining a private security officer’s permit (which may be rejected by the Police Chief for a variety of defined reasons), training requirements, conditions to fulfill upon termination of a private security officer, annual fees, uniforms and badges and weapons handling.

Staff Comments

August Work Session

City Administrator Eric Berlin announced that there will be a public Work Session on August 23 at 6 p.m. at Fire Station #1’s Training Room for a required public hearing concerning the 2016 property tax levy and for discussion of the Gateway Signage project.

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