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North Kansas City School Board Lends Support to GO Bond Projects

Three weeks ago we published an opinion article in our Citizen Voices section written by Kansas City North resident Jason Withington. In it, Withington expressed his frustration with what he sees as neglect of the first annexed neighborhoods of Kansas City North.

The Shoal Creek area along Route 152 has received significant infrastructure investments and has flourished tremendously. Kansas City has also invested $40 million to expand sewers to Twin Creeks in a hope to attract 70,000 new residents. All the while, the neighborhood schools in the first annexed area lack connecting roadways and pedestrian infrastructure.

In the editorial Withington included a list of projects that he felt should be added to the potential $1 billion General Obligation bond that Kansas City taxpayers may approve.

Withington seems to be garnering support for his project list. We were recently sent a letter that the North Kansas City School Board issued in support of the project list.

June 16, 2016

Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC)
City Hall – 22nd Floor
414 East 12th Street

Kansas City, MO 64106

Subject: Safe Routes to School for Students

Dear Committee,

North Kansas City Schools serves more than 19,200 students in 33 educational sites throughout southern Clay County, Missouri. We have been grateful for the contributions made over the years by our public partners to improve streets with better sight lines and sidewalks that serve our facilities, students, parents, and employees.

The Board of Education supports Mr. Jason Withington in his efforts to ensure safe routes to schools for the students of our district. His project recommendation list would provide safer streets and better access for our children and parents.

Please consider adding them to your council districts list of projects for the upcoming $1 billion GO Bond. We thank you for your efforts and again encourage you to finance these improvements.


Terry Ward, Ph.D.

North Kansas City School District Board President

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