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Northland CAPS Student Associate Produces New Logos for The Northland News


Northland CAPS

We’ve brought you several stories about the Northland CAPS program over the last few months. A couple months ago we were told about the Digital Media and Design strand.

Honestly, we’ve never been too happy with the logo design that we launched with back in June. Over the course of reporting on Northland CAPS, we’ve heard some great stories about what these students were capable of.

We’ve been working with Staley High School senior and Northland CAPS student Christian Kimberling over the last couple weeks to create a better logo for the site. We talked with him briefly about who he is, and why he’s enrolled in the Northland CAPS program.

TNN: Talk with us briefly about the Northland CAPS program and why you chose it?

Kimberling: I discovered the program in my sophomore year. Every year they come to the school and they talk to sophomores and juniors about joining the program. Current Northland CAPS “associates” talk with the students about their experiences. I just found it interesting based upon what they had to say.

One thing that I really liked about it is that it’s real world experience. It’s something that I can actually put on a resume as opposed to the normal coursework that every student takes. This is real work for real companies.

TNN: You chose Digital Media and Design, so it’s probably safe to say this is a passion of yours. Talk a little bit about that, where does your interest in digital media come from?

Kimberling: I’ve always been the creative type. I actually do video game “mods” on some popular video games.

TNN: Some of our readers might not know what a video game “mod” (modification) is. Explain please.

Kimberling: There’s this huge community out there of mostly computer game players that like to improve a game after they have successfully beat the game. This can include things like world and level design which is something that really interests me.

The reason I took Northland Caps Digital Media is that even though I’m not able to do video games here I’m able to learn a lot about design. Part of what I do is looking at what the client wants, and then I’m able to translate that into something that I create for them.

TNN: Realistically, five years from now you’re working for a living. What does the beginning of your professional life look like?

Kimberling: I want to continue with the video game modding and become more popular inside of that community. A lot of people have actually been hired by the industry from doing this. My big goal is to be a video game developer. After high school I intend to go to community college to learn more about programming. At that same time I want to further my own development on modding.

Part of the design process with Kimberling was answering a battery of questions that he developed himself. We think he nailed what we were looking for, but the thing is, all three of the designs that he gave us are good.

Here’s the three designs:

  1.  JPGTheNorthlandNewsLogo3
  2.  The Northland News Logo
  3.  The Northland News

The Northland News will be working with some additional Northland CAPS students in the near future on some other projects. Since the beginning we’ve aimed to be different than other news sources in our area.

If you believe in what we’re doing, or just want a different option for news in the Northland please share our stories with others online.

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