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Numbers Soar for Staley High School Falcons Sports Programs

Staley FalconsThere’s been a saying often quoted from Staley High School’s wrestling coach, Gary Mayabb, “I want the buses to leave empty everyday after school.”

The reason?

It’s Mayabb’s  goal to have every student participate in after school athletics.

This fall, Staley High School is moving in the right direction towards that goal. In Staley’s eight years of existence, participation has always been strong. The fall of 2015, however, is a little different. Many sports are at or above their all time record of athletes participating.

  • Cross-country is at a record high of 53 athletes. A total of 27 boys and 26 girls have gone out for the cardiovascular intense sport.
  • Football has 175 students involved in their program which is up 15 from 160 last year.
  • Girls tennis has 28 participants which is also an increase from 20 in 2014.
  • Softball is made up of 32 girls.
  • Golf has 10 girls
  • Swim has 12 boys
  • Volleyball has 41 girls
  • Soccer had 65 boys out this year which is the most student participants they’ve ever had.

Staley Softball 2When you add it up, all of those sports combined equals 416 students! That’s roughly 30% of the entire student population.

Why is that important? “They are the best recruiting tool we have,” said softball coach Jairus Tapp. Participation in school athletics is beneficial for all grades, but it gives freshmen “something they can be proud of right away,” said soccer coach Johnny Chain. He had 26 freshmen come out for soccer this year.

Football coach Fred Bouchard has an enormous pool of players to choose from on a given Friday night. He said, “It’s normal to play over 40 of our guys in a tightly contested match-up.”

There’s more to athletics than just playing the sport. According to MSHSAA’s (Missouri State High School Activities Association) website, being involved in activities “promotes the value of participation, sportsmanship, team play, and personal excellence.”

You see that many times over not only at Staley High School, but in the athletes when they take the field or court each and every day. Participating in activities supports more than the idea of being active. It supports the betterment of the single person and the whole of the team. Whoever said “less is more” wasn’t including participating in school athletics into that equation. The fall of 2015 at Staley High School marks a record year in athletic participation.

Those buses may not be up to Coach Mayabb’s “empty” standards, but they are leaving behind many students who are bettering themselves, their team, and Staley High School.

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