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Opinion: State Senator Dan Hegeman – Participating in the Electoral Process

Missouri State Senator Dan Hegeman represents parts of northern Clay County. This is his October 31, 2016 email newsletter. For more information on our Opinion Section please click HERE.

Every election that is held, from municipal elections in April to August primaries to the upcoming general election, is an opportunity for citizens to determine how their government is run and who will run it.  Unfortunately, history has shown that while we have the right to vote, many of our friends and neighbors simply choose not to trek to the polls on Election Day.

While most citizens are not engaged in the political or public policy process on a regular basis, the general election is your greatest opportunity to make your voice heard on electing your local, state and national leaders and determining the fate of a number of Missouri Constitutional Amendments.  Failing to participate in the electoral process means that your voice is not heard in determining your leaders and the public policy of the different levels of government.  There will be millions of votes cast in the election and the only vote that will not count is the one that isn’t cast.

The right to vote is at the foundation of our democracy and the ability to freely exercise that right is something that we should never take for granted.  Throughout the history of our nation, the right to vote has been fought for by men and women in uniform and our right to vote of our own free will is among the greatest of our rights as American citizens.  This is why I encourage everyone to head to your local polling station and cast your vote in the November 8 general election.

If you have decided on your candidates and know where you stand on the issues, then all that is left to do is vote. If, on the other hand, you are still unsure, there is plenty of time to become informed. For more information about the 2016 general election, including where and how to vote and what you will need to bring, visit the Missouri secretary of state website at www.sos.mo.gov. You may also contact your county clerk with any election questions you may have.

As always, please feel free to call, email, or write with your ideas or concerns. My Capitol office number is (573) 751-1415, my email is [email protected] and my mailing address is Room 332, State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

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