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PragerU Kicks Off 2017 School Choice Initiative

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2017—Today, PragerU marked the launch of a four-part yearlong “School Choice Now” campaign, with the release of the video, “Why Good Teachers Want School Choice”, and the unveiling of the SchoolChoiceNow.com website.

This inaugural video features Rebecca Friedrichs, an Orange County public school teacher who was a lead plaintiff in the historic 2016 Supreme Court case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association (CTA). Friedrichs became a national figure of the school choice movement, when, after 28 years of serving as an elementary school teacher, she and 10 other California teachers sued the CTA, one of the nation’s largest teachers unions.

In “Why Good Teachers Want School Choice”, Friedrichs shares her inside story of serving as a leader in her local CTA affiliate. She tried from within to effect change among the union’s leadership. But she realized this was impossible, and that only the courts and, ultimately, the voters will be able to break the power of the teachers unions and improve California’s and America’s schools.

The CTA forces all California public school teachers to pay mandatory fees. And with its annual war chest of over $300 million, the CTA—like teachers unions across the country—buys politicians who oppose competition, accountability and choice in education. This condemns millions of students, particularly low-income students, to underperforming public schools.

There are a number of available school choice options that are proven to improve academic performance and graduation rates—from charter schools to school vouchers to homeschooling. But teachers unions oppose any change to the current outdated and failing school system.

PragerU will release an additional pro-school choice video in each quarter of 2017. The second video will show why students with special needs want school choice, the third video will show why low-income families want school choice, and the fourth and final video will show how school choice can revolutionize education for all Americans—not just for K-12, but through college as well.

Throughout its 2017 school choice campaign, PragerU’s partners will include the following organizations:

Unite 4 California Students
The Kids Union
The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
Alliance for School Choice
Champions for Choice in Education
Students First
Black Alliance for Educational Options
National Independent Private Schools Association
American Federation for Children
Foundation for Excellence in Education
Parents Helping Parents
Special Needs Alliance
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Pacific Research Institute
Charter School Growth Fund
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
National Center for Literacy Education
Education Reform Now
Walton UNCF Education Fellowship
Federation for Children with Special Needs
Pioneer Institute
Turning Point USA
School Choice Now

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