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Senator Claire McCaskill – What’s wrong with #BuyAmerica?

Senator Claire McCaskill is the senior United States Senator from Missouri. This is her December 6, 2106 email newsletter. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we post these communications from your elected representatives please click here.

I’ve spent years making sure that Missouri’s manufacturers can compete on a level playing field… which is why I’m so disappointed that U.S. House Republicans are trying to send American tax dollars abroad, instead of investing here at home.

READ my letter to House and Senate Leadership on the importance of #BuyAmerica

Under a bipartisan #BuyAmerica provision—which was passed by the Senate in a water infrastructure bill, and supported by Senate Republicans and President-elect Trump—taxpayer funded infrastructure projects would employ American workers and use American iron and steel, boosting American jobs and supporting American business.

But U.S. House Republicans are pushing to remove those protections, allowing foreign companies to get government business instead.


I can’t for the life of me figure out why the U.S. House refuses to get onboard and buy and hire American—but I’m fighting to restore these provisions and pass them into law.


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