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Sheriff Paul Vescovo Yet to Receive Response on Salary Increases for Deputies

Sheriff Vescovo was at the Clay County Commission meeting on Monday, February 22nd for a fourth time in the last five weeks.

Back on January 19, Vescovo asked the Commission to consider an across the board salary increase for Clay County deputies. Vescovo is concerned that his department’s pay is quite a bit lower than many area law enforcement agencies.

The Commission had asked County staff to investigate the details of the request. As of Monday, no opinion or feedback had been delivered to either the Commission or Sheriff Vescovo.

Vescovo stated on Monday that he would be submitting an RCA which is a Request for Commission Action.

Presiding Commissioner Nolte said that he wanted to see a response by next week. Commissioner Owen indicated that he was supportive of the request and was glad to see that Vescovo was going to ask it to be placed on the agenda.

Nolte asked Owen if he wanted a response from staff.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s apparent we need this. We’ve already asked the County Administrator for the costs of the increase for the Sheriff’s deputies.

County Administrator Dean Brookshier was absent from Monday’s meeting because of an untimely death in his family. Commissioner Ridgeway was hesitant to set a deadline of next week due to the current situation. She wanted to wait until Brookshier returned to find out the appropriate timeline on getting feedback on the request.

Owen again indicated he was ready for action on the request.

“You know we talked about this for the last month. As far as I’m concerned, I think it needs to be on the agenda as soon as possible.”



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